Yohai Pisso and Meir Pisso

Mr. Yohai Pisso and Mr. Meir Pisso are are currently running Makor Haformika.  Meir Piso, who is the CEO of the Makor, entered the business when he graduated from high school. The second son of the pisso family -  Yohai Pisso is the company's VP and like his brother, he also started working in the business as a teenager and returned to him after military service in "Golani" in the IDF. He is currently responsible for all operations, production and imports. Meir Pisso and Yohai Pisso are considered the living spirit of the Makor Haformika company.Their brother Moshe runs the field of Formica and Sister Ronit does not work in the family business and she devotes her life to promoting the status of women in Israel. read more about Yohai pisso   Visit our home page: yaffa pisso Read more about pisso industreis

Yafa pisso in

Yafa Pisso - about the establishment of the Formica Factory. The Formica Factory was founded by the Yafa Pisso  in Haifa, 1976,  And ever since then, her flag has been econsistent excellency. The company name is "Makor Haformika" which means in Hebrew: The source of the Formica. "Makor Haformika" has become the most influential and leading plant in its field, both in terms of product quality and quality of service. The Pisso family employ 168 workers in the Factory. our other blog Yafa pisso israel about yaffa and her blogs read more about the Formica factory that was originated by Yafa Pisso

The foundation of Makor Haformaika

The company was founded by the Pisso family in 1979. Yaffa Pisso   and Amram Pisso who lived in Haifa, decuded that the  foundation of Makor Haformaika will be in their city. Group members of Makor Haformaika Ltd. Produce, impart, coat and market wooden boards for Israel's carpentry, kitchen and furniture industries. The company's unique combination of raw materials, qualityGroup members of Makor Haformaika Ltd. produce, import, coat and market wooden boards for Israel's carpentry, kitchen and furniture industries. The company's unique combination of raw materials, quality production and customer service ensure its position as the premier Israeli source for forestry products. Makor Haformaika Ltd. has posted rising sales and profits for each of the past five years.

Yaffa's arrival to Irsael

After a long trip in Marseilles, France, Yaffa Pisso and her family arrived in Israel. The ship arrived at Haifa port, where the family chose to live. Jaffe's acclimatization was quick because she already spoke the Hebrew language from Morocco. After three months she was already fluent in fluent Hebrew. At the age of 17, Yaffa recognized Amram Pisso, who became her husband. In 1960 the wedding took place and Kipa Piso received the first order from the army. She was already pregnant and therefore she did not enlist. Yaffa Pesso had three sons, one daughter, eleven grandchildren and one great-granddaughter.

the journey to Israel

Yaffa Pisso was born in Morocco, in the city of Midelt, which sits in the center of Morocco in the High Atlas Mountains. Midlat is a small town with sweet springs, snow in the winters and lots of greenery. The summer was relatively cool and pleasant. A lot of Frenchmen came to vacation in our house this summer. In Yaffa Piso's home there was a full Jewish life, a kashrut, a synagogue, no one bothered the Jews in Morocco to do so. During this period the French ruled Morocco and everything was calm. Yaffa Piso studied at the Alliance School. In the school they learned all the subjects in French, but there were Hebrew lessons and Arabic lessons. In 1955 Morocco received independence, the French were forced to leave and the king returned. Then all sorts of pogroms began and the Jews of Morocco feared for their lives. Whenever Jewish Agency officials came to the city to register who wanted to immigrate to Israel, Yaffa Piso's family registered but did not receive a permit. F